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Our vision is a world where any person can stay fit for longer.  

Our clothes provide extra power, so you can be free to move how you want.

We care about your energy, not your age and we value time.

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Wearable robotics to amplify natural energy

Motion sensors to track joint health and gait speed

Adaptable assistance to train strength and endurance 

Athleisure style to give the right compression and comfort 


Our technology

Tonus is working at a soft robotics actuation technology embedded in garments that mime human muscles and reduce the strain on joints, giving extra strength, adjusted to the natural gait.

Our design

We are designing stylish and comfortable sportswear both for professional athletes and amateurs. Inclusive and adaptive fashion design is our main approach.



No one wants to give up the exercise they love. But we know that injuries and pain occur. We want to help people to maintain their level of physical activity and give them just the right amount of assistance that they need, like an electric bike does.

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Get to Know Us

We are a team specialised in age tech, combining robotics, sports and medical science and user-centered design.


Meet The Team

Marianna Recchia


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Marianna is a business designer and product lead with experience in R&D and corporate ventures for mobility services, AI and IoT-based applications.

Dimitris Xydas


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Dimitris is a chartered control and software engineer with extensive experience in remote handling systems for safety- critical industries, and a passion for robotics.

Ahmed Wobi


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Ahmed is a medical doctor with a background in Radiology and Neuroscience, and a keen entrepreneur in biosciences.